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Wallpaper Design Ideas

5 Ways Never Thought to Use Wallpaper

How we wallpaper our homes and offices has evolved. From using the same pattern on every wall of a room, to papering just one wall, and papering above or below wainscoting, we’ve become a little more creative in our use of wallpaper over the years.

But, when you put your mind to it, you can take your wallpaper creativity up a notch or two.

1. Backing a Bookcase

One of the problems with bookcases is that they virtually eliminate the wallpaper option because they often cover most of the wall they occupy. If that happens, you can paper the back of the bookcase to get the look of wallpaper, just not on your wall.

Wallpaper Backing Bookshelf

2. On a Closet Door

In rooms where even papering one wall might be too much, like your home office, papering just a closet door can give you the right amount of splash.

Wallpaper Closet Doors

3. As a Work of Art

Sometimes rooms are busy all by themselves and wallpaper might just push it over the top. But if you still want to add a dash of colour, or to brighten a dark nook, frame a panel of your favourite wallpaper like you would a print.

Make Wallpaper as art

4. On Doors Too

Depending on the wallpaper pattern you choose, you can get a different look and feel by submersing your room in the pattern by adding it to your doors too.

Wallpaper on Doors Panels or Full Length

5. On a Window Shade

This is the ‘sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t’ option. By papering the back of your roll-up vinyl shades with a bright pattern, your room doesn’t have to get completely dark when you pull them down.

Wallpaper Window Shades

When you add creative ideas for wallpaper to your home decorating repertoire, you give yourself yet another way to make your home uniquely yours.


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