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Why Premium Paint Is Worth the Money

Having spent a long time serving painters, contractors, and DIY’s I always get asked “is Benjamin Moore Paint really worth the money?” the simple answer is “yes, absolutely.” Now of course there are instances where a lower quality product will suffice, and get the job done, but the job doesn’t end after you slap on a coat of paint. What happens after the paint has dried, is what you should be concerned about. Have you ever gone and touched up some walls, only to notice the touch-ups you’ve just applied? Maybe you’ve had some company over, and there are marks and dirt on the wall that you are unable to remove? Or you paint your kitchen cupboards and there are brush marks everywhere? Or maybe you really want to paint an accent wall a dark red or bright green, and spend days applying coat, after coat, after coat, of paint? Whatever the case, when you use top quality paint like Benjamin Moore, the overall process and finish will be much better than using a lower quality paint product.

Top quality paint products use higher quality ingredients (pigments, resins, solvents) when they are manufactured. These higher quality ingredients have added benefits of better adhesion, hiding capability, spatter resistance, flow & leveling, touch-up capability, stain/scrub resistance, and fade resistance. When you are using a top quality paint product you won’t have to worry if your touch-ups are going to show, or if the stains your kids caused will be able to be removed. You can have peace of mind knowing that your walls are protected and will remain in good shape for years to come!


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