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A painter selecting premium quality paint

Why Painters Should Use Premium Quality Paint

Premium Quality Paint Saves You Time & Money

The two most important things to painting contractors I find, are time and money. Purchasing premium quality paint will save you time, which in turn will save you money. When you use premium quality paint, with high volume solids, you are actually getting more “paint” in the can for your dollar. More “premium quality paint” in the can means more coverage. You actually get more square footage out of a gallon of premium quality paint when you compare it to a lower quality product. More square footage per gallon means you need to purchase less gallons for the job. There are many reasons why a gallon of paint can vary in cost, most of the time it’s because you’re actually getting less paint in the can, with poor quality ingredients. Don’t be fooled by the price tag!

Solids are that portion of the paint that will dry or cure to a solid film. They include the resin fillers and pigments remaining when the paint is dry or cured. The balance of the paint consists of solvents that evaporate during spraying, air drying or curing.

Premium Quality Paint & Touch-ups

It is very important to painting contractors that there touch-ups are seamless. The last thing you want to be doing is re-painting a whole wall because you can notice the touch-up you just applied. Aura & Regal Select from Benjamin Moore (both premium quality paint products) have excellent hide and touch-up capabilities.  Saving a few extra dollars at the checkout will only cost  you more in the end, because you will have to
spend another day working at no cost, re-painting walls that are not touching up well.

Premium Quality Paint & Brand Association

Another benefit painting contractors will have when using premium quality paint like Benjamin Moore is, you get to associate your brand with top quality products. This is HUGE, and can offer you a competitive advantage against the others. There are thousands of painting contractors out there, but what differentiates you against the rest? We need to understand that not everything is based on price. The products you use, and the services you provide, are all a representation of the brand you are creating. Customers now are far more educated than before. When they are paying for a service they expect top quality products to be used. Using premium quality paint & products will keep you ahead of the game.

Billy Petrovski
Creative Director
The Paint People


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