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The Paint People shares tips on how you can paint vinyl siding

4 Steps to Paint Vinyl Siding

Here’s a scenario many painting contractors face. A customer comes to them complaining that their vinyl siding looks old and faded. But the contractor doesn’t install siding. What should the contractor do? Send the customer away? Not if you want your business to thrive.

Instead, do the customer a favour and point out that they can paint vinyl siding for a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing the siding.

The Best Way to Paint Vinyl Siding

In addition to saving the customer money, painting their siding offers a number of other advantages, including protecting the siding and increasing their home’s curb appeal. By using the following steps on your next siding paint job, you’ll end up with a job well done and a happy customer.

  1. Thoroughly Clean the Siding – You know the importance of adhesion. And the years of dirt and grime on the siding doesn’t help. To clean the vinyl siding, you can hand scrub or use a pressure washer with a vinyl-safe cleaning solution.
  2. Apply a Primer Coat – In addition to that adhesion thing, the siding may have pitted or porous areas that a primer will help to fill.
  3. Pick Your Paint – Of course, your customer will choose a paint color, but here’s what to offer them. Exterior paints designed for use on vinyl is a must due to the expansion and contraction that vinyl goes through. Latex paints will make cleaning up faster and easier. Benjamin Moore paints’ Aura Exterior, Regal Select Exterior and ben Exterior are quality paints that are durable, resist mildew growth and, perhaps best of all, can be applied in temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius, which can help extend your outdoor painting season. Darker colors will help hide the old finish better in fewer coats.
  4. Get the Job Done – With a clean surface and the right paints, now it’s up to you to put your professional skills to work!

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