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3 Tips for How to Pick Bedroom Paint Colors

How you pick bedroom paint colors for your clients is different than for any other room in the house. The bedroom isn’t a place that people paint to impress their guests or have a practical purpose, like being washable. The bedroom is a more personal space where people spend more time than any other room.

Bedroom Wall Paint Color Tips

First, whether you choose the wall colors or you let your client choose and you design around them there are really no wrong choices. Even if your customer has no sense of the color wheel or complementary colors, you can get a sense of their goals for the room. If they choose lighter colors, maybe they want the space to look bigger. If they choose reds or earth tones, maybe they want to give it a warmer feel.

In any case, try some of the following to help get that personal sense from your customers for bedroom paint colors.

  1. Ask them to Check Magazines and Social Media – Knowing what they like prefer can give you a clear direction for color choices. If they don’t know what they want or aren’t sure, ask your customers to browse magazine racks and social media to find things they like. As you know, Pinterest has become the online go-to place for decorating inspiration. Even let them in on some of the sites you use for ideas.
  2. How Big is the Bedroom? – If it’s a smaller room, then lighter colors, like Benjamin Moore paint’s Palladian Blue, might be the way to go. Large bedrooms have the option of being made cozier with darker colors, either throughout the room or in a reading nook.
  3. How Bright is the Room? Hand-in-hand with the room size is the brightness of the room. A small room with lots of natural light can tolerate somewhat darker colors, or bright accent colors, more than a small room with less light.

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How to pick bedroom paint colors and other tips from The Paint People



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