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Stressful interior decor? The Paint People shows how to identify what is stressing you out and what to do about it in today's article.

Stressed Out? Your Interior Décor Could be the Culprit

You’re off-the-scale busy at work. The car is making a funny noise, your cell phone is moody, and there’s always the kids. Good thing you can have a moment to yourself to relax on the couch after they go to bed.

Except that moment may be contributing to your day-to-day stress like anything else.

You might not realize it, but elements of your interior décor can contribute to your feelings of stress, even anxiety.

3 Ways Your Interior Décor May Cause Stress

It can happen in the nicest of homes, with lots of space and what are otherwise considered great decorating ideas. Whether it’s the decorating mix, or due to the passage of time, the following can contribute to your feelings of stress at home.

  1. Unintentional Clutter – Let’s start with an example. Gallery walls are very popular. Whether you combine works of art, family photos, and mementos, or an eclectic mix of things, when you’re done, it looks great.
    But, as time goes on, things like galleries walls or curio cabinets can actually become over-stimulating. This is especially true in our always connected and communicating world.
    To avoid unintentional clutter, try to give everything in your décor a bit of breathing room and balance.
  2. You Over-Cooked it with Popular Paint Colours – We all like to have the latest décor trends, like those in wall paints. But those colours, like Benjamin Moore’s colours of the year, aren’t always meant to be used wholesale throughout the room or house. They will look great when you first use them. But the bolder colours can get ‘in your face’ after a while. And even lighter colours, and a lighter, texture-less, minimal décor, can be sleek on the first appearance, but too much so to be comfortable in the long run.
  3. There’s No Green – Want to break up the intensity of a bold colour? Want to add warmth to your light, minimalist look? Add some greenery. And take as much time with fitting them into your décor as you would with any other part of the décor. If you have a green thumb, great. If you don’t, choose hardier varieties that can withstand abuse while you learn how to keep everything healthy. Plants dying all around you can be stress-inducing too.

If you want to learn more about paint colours and your décor, call or visit your nearest The Paint People location.


Stressful interior decor? The Paint People shows how to identify what is stressing you out and what to do about it in today's article.


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